In the Bag – Myself!


Hello and welcome to the very first ‘In The Bag’, a new feature where I take a sneak-peek into the handbags/totes/man-bags of creative people.

This feature was inspired in part by those ‘ a look in the handbag of’ celebrity interviews you sometimes see in magazines (they were always my favourite, I think I’m a bit of a voyeur!) and my little sister. We were having lunch a few months back and when I came back from ordering I found her going through my handbag, pulling out all the weird things in there which at the time included a screwdriver. Other than pointing out I needed to clean out my bag, this made me realise that the things people carry around with them can be a great insight into their individual creative process!

So, without further ado, here’s the first ‘In The Bag’ featuring me! The watercolour illustration is also by yours truly; it’s cuter than a photo and it gave me an excuse to paint! Hooray!

- Status Anxiety Purse - This gorgeous leather purse was a birthday gift from my sister two years ago and since receiving it, I haven’t looked back! I love the ‘CLICK’ of the metal clasp and there’s just something about carrying around a purse that makes you feel like a lady!

- Windsor & Newton Watercolour set - As you can see, I’m a bit of an amateur painter. After a painting-outing, my 12-pan watercolour set ended up in my handbag and just kind of stayed there. It’s the perfect travel size and easy to pull out and do a quick doodle with on the train!

- Scissors - Oh my goodness, I feel like I spend half my life looking for scissors! They seem to be one of those items, like pens and Tupperware, that people just don’t seem to mind stealing from you! So this little pair has taken up permanent residence in my bag although it’s probably only a matter of time until I loose them as well! (more…)

Happy Monday #5!

Happy Monday

Good morning everybody! I hope this happy Monday finds you well and rested after a wonderful weekend! I started mine with a walk around Sydney’s Botanic Gardens which, if you follow me on instagram, you would have noticed from all my Sydney Harbour and flower-pics spam! I just couldn’t resist, it’s so beautiful at this time of year! So beautiful, in fact, I went back for a second time over the weekend for an impromptu picnic with my sisters. Lying on the grass in the sunshine eating sweets and cakes = bliss!

I’ve also got some exciting things planned for the blog this week, including an embroidery DIY and a new feature which I’m very excited about! So stick around, it’s going to be fun!

And, as always, here are some links for you Monday!

Writer Ingrid Sundbery has put together a colour-theasaurus of descriptive words for countless hues. It’s fun going through her list and seeing which ones resonate and which just sound wrong!
– I think I’ve got to make myself one of these distressed wood backgrounds, they look gorg!
– I saw Boyhood on the weekend and would love to know what you thought of it!
– I heard this amazing cover of this amazing song and now really want to see Wish I Was Here!
– I got a haircut on the weekend and an considering going even short next time! This pinterest board is helping (and confusing) me!

Much love,

Make It! DIY Paperclip Flags


If you’re anything like me then you’re probably a sucker for a good notebook filled with LISTS! I have so many lists; ones for work, my blog, craft ideas, films to watch, new years resolutions, mid-year resolutions – the list (ha!) is endless. With so many lists and scrawlings happening at once, it is way too easy to loose track of things and I found myself wanting a way to quickly find my most important and current musings. Enter DIY paperclip flags!

Like this DIY and want to see more? Check out the rest of my ‘Make It!’ feature!

Now, I know those little flag post-its already exist but these DIY paperclip flags are much cuter, quick and easy to make and are a great way to spruce up some paperclips you already have and delve into your washi tape collection (or maybe start one?)! And they look gorgeous peeking out of your notebook!

– Paper clips
– Washi tape
– Scissors
Time: 5 minutes


The steps are super simple! (more…)

Design Review – Inside Llewyn Davis

Inside Llewyn Davis

I know, I know, I’m on a bit of a Coen Brothers fix at the moment but that’s kind of my thing – if I enjoy a film/show, I go back and watch the entire back-catalogue in one big hit! I did with Wes Anderson’s films, Mad Men, 30 Rock and I’m doing it again! However, in this case, I was lucky enough to see ‘Inside Llewyn Davis at the cinema in Berlin while I was traveling over the summer. I recently gave it a re-watch and remembered how much I loved it’s narrative and visuals. Cue a design review!

(If you’re planning to watch the film, there are a few spoilers below! So give it a watch and then come right back, k?)

‘Inside Llewyn Davis’ follows a meandering, sometimes dream-like narrative centred around one week in the life of Llewyn Davis (Oscar Isaac), a musician trying to make it in the Greenwich Village folk scene in 1961. This film certainly isn’t a musical but performances and folk music drive the narrative and it’s from this music that Production Designer Jess Gonchor took his cues. In an interview with Below the Line, he explains how folk music ‘is a few instruments and a few chords so the scenery needed to match that tempo’. This meant scouting locations across New York that weren’t ‘visually noisy’ and instead could serve as blank canvases which period design elements could be subtly added to (in particular, keep an eye out for some SERIOUSLY gorgeous vintage-style type and signs!).

Inside Llewyn Davis

This idea of removing visual noise is continued in the colour palette. There’s no pure, bright pops of colour and instead everything feels as though it’s been hit by a cloud of dust. This of course is helped by a stunning colour grade and some gorgeous grain but none the less, the film’s palette is made of slightly grubby dark blues, greens and dusty reds and browns. This not only creates a slightly sepia-toned sense nostalgia but reflects Llewyn’s down-and-out character and the folk-music scene he lives in, which is a little unkempt.

Inside Llewyn Davis


Happy Monday #4


Mornin’ and happy Monday! I hope you had a wonderful weekend! I spent my weekend soaking up some rays although unfortunately, not a the beach. But I hope to get there super soon!

PLUS this weekend, I put together a newsletter! So if getting a weekly roundup of the happenings on this here blog sounds like a good idea to you, sign up! I’ll also be adding some newsletter-only bonus things soon so stay posted!

As always, here are some links to get you through the day!
– I only just discovered Vogue’s 73 question series and I LOVE it! Take a look!
– This DIY phone case is TO DIE FOR!
– This look Swiss Cottage Design’s process is gorgeous!
– This ghostwriting application pokes fun at bloggers. It’s good for a chuckle!

(Image from Nantucket Historical Society via flickr commons, type by ME!)

Make It! How to Press Flowers

How to Press Flowers

Spring has officially started here in Sydney and the weather is finally getting a bit less malicious! To celebrate, I bought myself some daisies over the weekend. Rather than let the blooms go to waste, I saved a few in my new-old press! It was such a success that I’d just had to share my newly-learnt tips on how to press flowers!

I was lucky to find this darling flower press while having a rummage at a school-fete a few weeks ago. But do not fear, if you don’t have a flower press you can easily use a large book!

Time: 10 minutes
– Flower press or large book
– Flowers
– Grease-proof paper (or just regular paper)
– Scissors


First, take your flowers and trim off their stalks. Then lay them carefully on the paper, face down, making sure the petals are lying flat. I used the paper that came with the press but grease-proof paper works well, as does regular copy-paper. Just make sure you don’t use anything with a print as if could make it’s way onto the flowers! (more…)

Black and White vs. Colour


Last night, I saw Cinema Paradiso, a classic Italian film by Giuseppe Tornatore, which follows a filmmaker’s recollections of his childhood spent in his village’s cinema where he formed a deep love of film and friendship with the cinema’s projectionist. The film is essentially just one extended flashback love story. You’ll laugh, you’ll cry and the actor who plays the protagonist as a boy is possibly the cutest little guy ever to walk this planet!

Watching this gem of a film (seriously, treat your self to a viewing, it’s just gorgeous!) got me thinking about film, nostalgia and especially black and white cinema. (more…)

Happy Monday #3


Mornin’ kiddos! And happy Monday! I hope your weekend was wonderful. I spent mine drinking tea, hanging with my family and riding my bike in the rain, which actually isn’t the worst thing the world!

Plus, I decided to share with you my love of TYPE! For the past two years, every morning at work I decorate my notebook with a type-illustration of the name of the day. It’s a nice way to spruce up and blank page while looking busy in a meeting! Over the weekend, I decided that these little doodles shouldn’t just be relegated to my notebook. And so, my dears, pictured above is my first attempt at some hand-drawn type! Hope you like it :)

But enough of that! Today the sun is shining, the sky is blue and it’s going to be a good one, I can feel it! Here’s some fun things to get your day started.

This footage of Sydney from 1906 is just mesmerising, I watched it three times!
A great way to use up a pineapple!
– I’ve recently gotten into Parks and Rec and Leslie Knope just gets me.
- My favourite place to go for typography inspiration.
– If you like nostalgia then this page is for you! (Sydney-siders especially!)

Have a great day!
Much love,

(Image from the State Library of Queensland via flick commons, type by yours truly!)

5 good things for your weekend #3

5 good things for your weekend

 – DO – If you’re in Sydney, go and see the Archibald prize at the Galley of NSW. It’s been running since 1921, isn’t that just fabulous?

- MAKE – a fresh start on something. For me, it’ll get getting back on the yoga train after this yuck winter!

- SEE - a movie at the cinema (rather than off a laptop in bed…)

- START- drinking more water. Everyday I say I’m going to do this and everyday I don’t. So this weekend, I’m really going to try!

- FINISH – a whole cup of tea! Is it just me, or does anyone else always seems to have half-full cups lying around the place?


(Image of the Theatre Royal chorus, Tamarama Beach, ca. 1938 and the Archibald Fountain in Hyde Park, Sydney c.1930 via flickr commons)

Make it! Marble Beads DIY


– Polymer clay (I like Sculpy or Fimo Soft because they’re not too hard!)
– Leather thonging
– A knitting needle or something similar to make a hole with
15 minutes (plus bake time)


A little while ago, I was having a crafternoon with a friend and we decided to have some fun with polymer clay. I’d seen marble beads around before and decided to give them a whirl. Turns out, they’re super easy! (more…)