Happy Monday #2


Mornin’ friendos! I hope your weekend went swimmingly! I made THREE cakes (yes, three!) and won a badminton set on a chocolate wheel. So it goes without saying that my weekend was freakin’ GREAT.

But alas, another Monday must always roll around. So to celebrate the beginning of a new week, I’ve rounded up a couple of fun links because, well, Mondays can be hard!

- These ladies have got STYLE!
- This is one of the cakes I made over the weekend and it actually turned out really well (I’m not much of a baker!) and was super easy! Dessert, anyone?
- My favorite board to pin to at the moment.
- For your washi tape collection (Mum, this one’s especially for you!). I LOVE the keyboard and washi tape car!
- I found myself in gif. form.
- I finished Tina Fey’s autobiography over the weekend – cue hours of watching old SNL clips and swooning. This impression of her daughter is my fave.

Best of luck with your Monday!
Much love,

(Image from the Nationaal Archief, via flickr commons)

5 good things for your weekend #2


 - DO -  something you used to do when you were a kid.

- MAKE – do and mend! I’ve got a bag of shoes to take to the cobbler!

- SEE - this puppy jump off a couch. You’re welcome.

- START- a new book. I recently started Tina Fey’s autobiography and am really enjoying it! It feels like one long, awesome chat with your coolest, most sarcastic friend.

- FINISH – someone else’s sentences, just for giggles.

(Image from the San Diego Air and Space Museum Archive via Flickr Commons)

Collections as film set decoration

Everyone has something they look out for while watching a film. For some, it’s the costumes or maybe continuity mistakes and historical innaccuracies. For me, it’s always about the set decoration. I know, I know, I’m a designer so this isn’t much of a surprise! One of my fav. things to look for is (yep, you guessed it) COLLECTIONS! But seriously, when it comes to film sets, thinking about props and dressing as items the characters own and love can make for a much more realistic environment.

Collections and the past

Perhaps the most spectacular example of collections in film comes from ‘Everything Is Illuminated’, in which collections are not only heavily featured set dressing but drive the entire story. The film, based on Jonathon Safran Foer’s book of the same name follows Jonathon’s (Elijah Wood) journey to Ukraine in search for the woman who saved his grandfather during WW2. Jonathon describes himself as a collector, keeping and cataloguing all sorts of objects. When asked why, he replies ‘Because sometimes I’m afraid I’ll forget’.

Here, Jonathon’s collection is a way of preserving the past and while he keeps a detailed catalogue, there’s definitely a sense of disorder. (more…)

Happy Monday #1

3840595033_a98a2d55fb_oHowdy! I hope your weekend was lovely! Mine was full of all the good things; family, food and productivity – I actually managed to tick off all the things on my to-do list! To be fair, it included things like ‘paint nails’ and ‘make soup’ but you’ve got to put those fun things on there to balance it out, right? None the less, I was on a roll! I even started a new crochet project which I’m hoping will be ready for summer!

Speaking of summer, the sun actually came out this weekend (so now I’ll stop whinging about the rain, promise!) and it got me looking forward to the warmer weather! And then I found this gorgeous pic of young people enjoying the beach on the Gold Coast c. 1930 and it was decided; my summer resolution is to go to the beach more! Now to find the perfect cozi…

How was your weekend? And how’s you’re week shaping up so far? I’d love to know!
(photo from the State Library Queensland via flickr commons)

5 good things for your weekend #1 !


Hey friendos! I’m starting a new Friday feature (inspired by the amazing mathilde♥manech) of good things for the weekend. These are things I’ll be trying to achieve and maybe you can too?

 - DO -  karaoke. Day or night, it’s never a bad idea. Kate Bush’s Wuthering Heights is my fav.’oke song at the moment!

- MAKE – yourself a treat. Yes, that’s right, yourself. I’m going to bake myself some biscuits. Will I share them? Only time will tell.

- SEE - a sunrise, even if you have to get up super early. It’ll put your day on the right path (or at least make you feel self-righteous!).

- START- a new project! I’m planning to start a crochet summer top from a fab 70s pattern book I got for $4!

- FINISH - an old project/book/painting/chore.

(Image from the National Library of Norway via flickr commons)

Make it! Watercolour garland DIY


With summer just around the corner (although you wouldn’t know it with all this rain!), it’s the perfect time to start bringing a bit of colour back into life and what better way than with this watercolour colour garland DIY! It’s the perfect opportunity to get out your paints and have a bit of fun mixing colours PLUS the final product would look amazing as a cute spring time party decor or even in your bedroom (mine’s hanging over my bed right now!).


Time: 30 minutes
- Watercolour paints and brushes
- Watercolour paper (or heavy art paper)
- Large circle punch
- Sewing machine + thread (more…)

An interesting design exercise

A useful design exerciseAs a designer, I tend to work very intuitively, especially when it comes to designing for films. My road to production design was pretty informal and so I’ve never really studied ‘proper’ design methods. Instead, I generally give the script a good read and start to form some images of how I think the world should look. Of course, these images develop throughout production but more often than not, there’s a strong connection between my first ideas and the final product.

But recently, I came across this great exercise on Design Blender for challenging and innovating your initial design ideas which I really think I should give a go. Essentially, the exercise involves forcing yourself to ‘scrap’ your original ideas and produce new ones, over and over. The example used in the article is writing copy headlines, crossing them out and writing a new one. And another. And another! (more…)

Rainy Day Craft & Films

It’s super rainy in Sydney at the moment and it’s forecast to get worse. But on the bright side, a dreary day is a perfect excuse to stay in, curl up with a tea in front of a good movie and get crafty! So here’s my wrap up of my favourite rainy-day crafts from around the internet + some great rainy day films to go with them!

RainyDayCraft(clockwise from the top right)

My Poppet – Scrap fabric twine
In my opinion, the perfect movie-watching craft in something you can easily do sitting down and is interesting but not distracting (so you can keep up with the film!). This twine tutorial is all these things PLUS is a great way to use up fabric scraps!

Lebenslustiger – Tapestry crochet dishcloth
If you’re already a crochet lover, this DIY offers a great new technique for creating a tapestry-like look. Gorgeous, right? And how lovely would a heap of squares like this look together in a rug? Hmm, I smell a new craft project…

 The House Lars Built – Tea towel beach bag
Using a tea towel to make a tote – what a great idea! This one requires a bit of sewing, so pull out your machine and plonk it in front of the telly! It’s also a nice reminder that summer is coming, even if it doesn’t feel like it right now!

The Crafted Life – How to press flowers
When it’s cold and grey outside, bring some colour into your home with this gorgeous flower-pressing DIY! Seriously, isn’t this just the most gorgeous tutorial? So pretty!

RainyDayFilms2(clockwise from the top right)

Breakfast at Tiffany’s
Rainy days are the perfect opportunity to re-watch favourite films so Breakfast at Tiffany’s is a great choice! Plus, there’s that great scene at the end in the rain with Cat. Perfect, right?

The King’s Speech
This is one of my fav. films of recent years (the wallpaper! Oh the wallpaper!) and I’m always willing to re-watch it! Plus, getting immersed in dull war-time London makes you feel OK about staying in and rugging up!

O Brother Where Art Thou?
This film is just plain FUN. Anything based on Homer’s The Odyssey and reimagined in the 1930s deep south by the Coen Brothers just has to be! Plus there’s singing and George Clooney – what more could you want?

Moonrise Kingdom
Nothing goes with craft like a Wes Anderson film and Moonrise Kingdom would have to be the most colourful and kitschy of them all! And there’s the kid’s (+ Jason Schwartz) awesome slow-mo walk through the rain! Winning!

Happy Monday!

Hello friends! It’s a rainy old day here in Sydney and according to the forecast, it’s only going to get wetter! So to brighten your day, I thought I’d share this gorgeous vintage photo of Pitt Street, Sydney, in the rain in 1933 from the State Library of NSW archives (found on trusty flickr commons!). I love those umbrellas and the glimpse of the Harbour Bridge through the fog!