FLAKE 2013

Yuri is an introvert desperately seeking to break out and be his better self. Yuri has an over bearing father who disapproves of anything he does. But Yuri isn’t just a shy man with a tedious parent, he has the ability to turn into a gold fish whenever he wants; the only problem is his blessing is also a curse.

Designing this MSA AFTRS film was a great chance to have a play with texture and colour in a studio setting. The aim was to create a contrast between Yuri’s room – cool, light and airy like a fish bowl – and his father’s livingroom, which is hot, close and oppressive. To support the magic-realist themes, I went heavy with aged walled treatments and character dressing to give a sense of fantasy and the theatrical.


Cyrus Bezyan


Taylor Litton-Strain


AFTRS 2013

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