Hirani is an alien in her new environment. She can’t speak the language, she doesn’t know the customs and she is too different to hide in plain sight. By observing her new world, Hirani learns that sometimes the cost of adapting is losing your individuality.

Working on ‘Hirani’ was a great opportunity to explore a concept of contrast and express the differences between Hirani’s thread-bare home and the bright, boisterous world at school. Through a contrasting colour palette and subtle textural differences I aimed to visually express the two worlds Hirani is stuck between and give the audience and insight into the difficult decision she has to make.


Suga Suppiah


Murray Wilkinson


Sugaray Productions


2016 Women’s Independent Film Festival, Santa Monica
2016 NOLA Feminist Film Festival
2016 Film Festival Kitzbuhel
2016 The Joy House Festival

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