“It started the breakout of a movement in this country.”
In a time when the gay community was in fear of public persecution, partygoers took to the streets to declare they had no reason to hide. It was 1978 in Sydney and Craig was a naïve teenager who became swept up in the birth of a movement. Through a fragmented recollection, he revisits the chaotic events of the first Sydney Gay Mardi Gras.

A poetic reenactment of the first Sydney Mardi Gras in 1978, ‘Into the Streets’ was a beautiful exercise in period detail and character costume design. Textural costume elements like sequins and fur plus subtle layering allowed the sense of movement and excitement to translate through the gorgeous super-slow motion shooting style.

The set was designed in a controlled environment so the focus was on creating set pieces that hinted at the idea of a street march without detracting from the characters and their stories.


Logan Mucha


Taylor Litton-Strain


AFTRS 2012


Focus Award – Best Film, Bayside Film Festival (Australia, 2014)
Special Mention – Queer Perspective Award, Mardi Gras Film Festival (Australia, 2013)

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