ON HOLD 2016

A short film-musical about the choice between following your dreams, and making next week’s rent.

Set entirely in the offices of Vis-Corp, a soul-less enterprise sucking the creativity from it’s workers, ‘On Hold’ follows Gabby, a brilliant but un-discovered composer on the edge of giving up on her dreams.

The key to the design of On Hold was to create an outwardly oppressive world in which Gabby and her co-worker’s secret passions could secretly exist in. This included creating a strong, oppressive visual identity for Vis-Corp and plastering it literally everywhere; on posters, paper work, mugs and name tags. This was then contrasted against each characters little ‘bubble’ – a desk with dressing and props reflecting their interests and expressions. This desk dressing also served as a visual shorthand, communicating character information and story points quickly to the audience.

Because this is a musical, it was essential the the world of the film support the music and dance numbers that took place within it. So overall, my design concept leans towards the theatrical, with bold candy-colours, overt graphic elements and over-the-top dressing and props. Golly, it was fun!


Jake Nielsen


Alicia Easaw-Mamutil, Grace Rein and Tom Montefiore


Evening Brie


2018 Flickerfest

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