COOEE 2017

Four wild girls race through a futuristic Australia in their electric Holden Commodore, searching for booze, drugs and reality.

Shot on location in NSW’s Snowy Mountains and set in a dystopic near-future,‘Cooee’ follows a gang of rag-tag girls as they cruise around in their solar-powered Commodore, breaking into a farm house and stumbling upon an entire family rigged up to virtual reality. Creating this rich and detailed futuristic world was a design challenge that I truly relished.

From a design perspective, the Holden Commodore was the star of the show. For the solar technology, I embraced a retrofitted aesthetic to give the sense that this technology was jerry-rigged to the car from a dodgy, ebay style kit. This, combined with exposed wires, lashings of rust and contrasting panels gave the Commodore an overall air of neglect.

I wanted the interior of the car to reflect the personalities of the spunky, angry and bored girls driving it and really feel like a space where they had spent a lot of time. This involved breaking down and ageing the interior and adding layers of graffiti, rubbish and little knick-knacks collected by the girls on their meandering drives.

Once the girls reach the farmhouse, we transition from the fast-paced action of the road to a stifled sense of foreboding. I wanted the farmhouse to fill stuffy and unused so embraced heavy, cluttered dressing and  thick, coloured shears, creating a still eeriness for the girls to explore.


Toby Morris


Sam Burnett

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