Spirit Harbour is the only town where ghosts are real. Upon their death, residents who have unresolved issues are stuck in the town in limbo, that is until they meet with Cyril Flaubert, the local Ghost Mediator. Cyril is the best at what he does and he has the trophies to prove it. There’s only one problem, Cyril has unresolved issues with his son Tyler.

‘Spirit Harbour’ was the final short I designed while studying at AFTRS and was a great opportunity¬†to be bold and experimental. Set in a picturesque town with a kooky secret, ‘Spirit Harbour’ allowed me to go to town with bright, bold colour and kitschy dressing to create a world which supported the idea of ghost and humans living harmoniously.


Madeline Parker


Easen Tan


AFTRS 2012


Winner – APDG 2013 ‘Student Design’

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